Frequently Asked Questions


Are you looking for a way to make extra income? 

When you have a product that everyone loves and everyone can afford, then everyone benefits. Making real money then becomes very real!


If you love fashion, love helping others feel good about themselves, all while making yourself the extra income you need, the decision becomes easy! Being a Paparazzi Independent consultant is more than just selling $5 jewelry! It’s life changing, both for you and your customers! You determine the who, where, and when. You set up the product and a party atmosphere. When you sell, you keep the 45% profit and it's yours to do whatever you want with it - reinvest in more inventory, pay a bill, treat yourself to dinner, it’s all up to you!

Best of all, there’s no pressure, no gimmicks, no sales presentations, and you have the options of MANY avenues to earn the income you need with Paparazzi! Online, Facebook, home parties, vending events, carrying a bling bag, website sales, but honestly wearing the jewelry and being passionate about the product is really all it takes! The jewelry, once seen by your friends and even strangers, sparks conversation about how cute it is and the sales start from there! Becoming a Paparazzi Independent Consultant is straightforward and simple: 
Buy your inventory up front with your kit of $99, $299 or $499

  • Earn immediate cash with a 45% profit (We make $2.25 for each piece of $5 jewelry we sell!)
  • No catalogs or customer orders to mess with
  • Sell where and when you want
  • Get ADDITIONAL compensation when others become Consultants - up to 10% of what your team purchases – this is free money from the company! Just for building a team! •Have parties to fund a vacation, or for serious, life changing income  •No long-term commitment  •Have fun showing and selling products women love

It works because it’s fun and affordable for both you and your customers. Paparazzi has a look for everyone, and at $5 a piece, who can resist?

We are trained to expect outrageous prices at jewelry parties - Paparazzi is re-training all of us. 

Why Choose Paparazzi Accessories?

Paparazzi is a great way to start a small business from your own home, or a great product line to add to a store you already own.  By becoming an Independent Consultant you can be your own boss, set your own hours, and most important, make the extra income you are searching for!  The sky is the limit for those who are prepared and ready to take their business to the next level and this is true for any business.  Nothing is more exciting than having dozens of women flock over your items and be in complete AWE about the price.

When you work at something you love, it just doesn't feel like a job. I've worked in the corporate world for many, many years and used to dread getting up and going to work just to see what kind of issues were awaiting me. I don't do that anymore! I love my business!! Maybe you want to spend more time at home with your little ones, maybe you are tired of the 9-5 rat race and office drama, or maybe you just realize the importance of residual/multi streams of income for your future.

What is Paparazzi Accessories?

Paparazzi is a Direct Sales and Party Plan Company, which specializes in affordable, fashionable accessories. We sell earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and hair accessories, all for just $5.00 each! We also have a Starlet Shimmer line for the little Diva in your life for only $1.00 each! 

Two sisters, Misty Kirby and Chani Reeves, opened Paparazzi in December 2010 in Utah. Their goal and mission is to bring self-confidence, empowerment and independence to women and families all over the world. They seek to fulfill this mission through the following avenues:

First, they seek to offer women an affordable option to be fashionable and feel great.

Second, they offer a real home-based business opportunity – independent of “recruiting” friends and neighbors. Independent Consultants of Paparazzi are able to carry inventory, host home parties, basket parties, invite associates, have fun, and sell their inventory directly to the customer. Consultants are able to sell as much and as often as they would like.

Third, they offer future independence through the Paparazzi Compensation Plan by Consultants training others to be successful. This gives each Consultant the ability to build a long-term residual income, giving them a potential for real independence.

What is the jewelry made from?

Paparazzi uses a blend of metals to make all our jewelry. The products are primarily made of iron, but do include other trace minerals. Those trace minerals are made up of a metallic alloy or either zinc, steel, aluminum, or copper
Is there any nickel or lead in the jewelry? No. All of our pieces are completely nickel and lead free!

What About Sales Tax?

You will be charged sales tax on the retailvalue of each piece ($5) when you order your jewelry from Paparazzi for your inventory. Paparazzi is required to do this. This is intended to ensure that each state tax agency is made whole on any potential sales from the transactions of that wholesale product. The sales tax is charged at the local level of the place where the order is shipped. Paparazzi collects these taxes at the time of wholesale inventory purchase to you the consultant, and remits it to the state on behalf of the Retail Sale that the Consultant may now have.

This keeps things simple for you the consultant, not having to file monthly sales taxes with your state!

What is the Guarantee?

When you receive your inventory shipment from Paparazzi, you have three (3) days to look it over and notify them if anything is broken and not repairable. If a return is needed it is super easy and online.

Does Paparazzi Withhold Income Taxes?

No. You are solely responsible for reporting the income you make from your Paparazzi business. You will receive a 1099 or similar form from Paparazzi at the end of the year to assist you with your tax filing if you make over $600 from commissions in the year (income from a downline or sales on your website.)
We are able to write off tons of our every day expenses we are already paying as business expenses due to having a home business! It is a tax advantage!

Do I Need A Vendors License?

These laws vary by municipality. In most areas, no. Your local municipality may or may not require it, so it is a good idea to check with your local government. However, when you are signing up for an event, you will sign up under your name and Paparazzi Accessories as the company.  As a consultant, you are permitted to use Paparazzi's Tax ID number for your state to register for any events. To get the Tax ID number for your state, ask your sponsor or call Paparazzi's corporate office to get the number specific to your state.

As a Consultant, how much money can I make?

We make $2.25 on EACH $5 piece of jewelry we sell! Isn’t that amazing? Additionally, when you build a team you earn ADDITIONAL income in commissions from Paparazzi for being a leader! FREE money! It does not come out of your teammate's pockets! When they make money, you both make money!

Are there any ordering/sales quotas? Can I be cancelled?

There are no sales quotas! There are two criteria that you want to always try to meet: Being active – this means purchasing a minimum of 25 pieces of jewelry in a month so that you are searchable for potential customers on the Paparazzi website.

Getting cancelled: In order to maintain a status as a Paparazzi consultant, you need to have purchased 100 pieces of jewelry in a 12 month period. Your kit pieces count towards that!

How much does it cost to become a Paparazzi Accessories Consultant?

Get in where you fit in! Paparazzi has 3 different kit options, and in each of these kits you will receive marketing materials, the hottest new accessories and other essentials to getting your business up and running!

  • $99 Starter Kit: Includes 35 pieces of jewelry (no hair accessories), marketing tools, and a necklace bust display. Retail value of $175
  • $299 Starter Kit: Includes 120 pieces of jewelry, marketing tools, a necklace bust display, and a ring display. Retail value of $600
  • $499 Starter Kit: Includes 200 pieces of jewelry, marketing tools, a full set of jewelry displays (necklace bust, ring display, bracelet display, and earring display), and a FREE TICKET TO CONVENTION ($190 value)Retail value of jewelry is $1100!

Can I Choose the Items I get in my Starter Kit?

Each Starter Kit contains a vast array of specially selected items. The kits are designed to give you a mix of styles so that you have something for everyone! Upon signing, you immediately also have the option to shop the entire inventory at $2.75 to purchase additional pieces of YOUR choice!

How do I sign up?

It's easy! will take you straight to the sign up page. If you have ANY further questions, please feel free to message me!

Paparazzi is growing! Get in on the growth! Join a winning team!

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